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The Ministry of Reconciliation

Sadly, we are grieving another tragic and violent week in America.  It is a dark time in our history where divisiveness and vengeance are embraced as legitimate means of achieving personal and political goals.  I use to watch the news of the rioting, vengeance and street violence in other troubled nations and be thankful that in America we settled our differences through civil and peaceful debate, and through the legal and legislative process.  America’s motto is “e pluribus unum,” out of many, one.  I was taught growing up that America was a melting pot.  People from many different cultures, countries, and language groups united as Americans, and now in our generation we are seeing more and more division.  And ironically, the division in growing as people claim to be seeking tolerance, justice, love, and unity.

While the enmity seems to be growing and innocent people are at risk, this is not something new.  Violence and vengeance have been a part of human cultures since Cain killed Abel.  The mission of God is to bring reconciliation to humanity.  This can only come through God and his redeeming work in Christ.  The call of Christ is both a call to individuals to be reconciled to God through repentance and faith, but it is also a call to believers to embrace and commit to the mission that Jesus Christ has given to us.  This begins and is founded on our relationship with God and extends to our vital engagement with other believers in the local church and our reaching out in our community and to the ends of the earth.  Will you join Christ in the mission of God?

Pray for the victims and their families.  Pray for the communities that are hurting and divided.  Pray for reconciliation.  Pray for justice, true liberty, and freedom.  Pray for believers that we will embrace the call and commission of Jesus, our Lord.

Reach, Love, Unite for the sake of humanity and the glory of God!

In Christ,

Pastor Bruce


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