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Killarney Character Award

This year Killarney Baptist Church is sponsoring the “Killarney Character Award” for students at Killarney Elementary School. Students are often recognized with top honors for academic achievements, athletic skills, and artistic talents. These are all wonderful talents and skills that add to the diversity and richness of life, but good character stands above them all. Because without good character the other talents come up empty.

Based on teacher and staff recommendations each month we will choose a student to receive the Killarney Character Award. They will receive a certificate stating their character achievement. They will also receive the following:

  1. A book with stories highlighting good character values with a note written by their teacher explaining how they exemplify character.
  2. A custom-embroidered school uniform shirt with their character quality embroidered on it. Thank you to Logos Promote for embroidering and donating the shirts each month.
  3. A wooden mechanical pencil custom-made by Ron Yahr.

We are excited to announce that the September 2015 recipient of the Killarney Character Award goes to Josh Balanos for the character quality of encouragement! Thank you to everyone who made this possible and congratulations to Josh and his family.

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